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Superheavy (Mick Jagger/Joss Stone/Dave Stewart + More)


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SuperHeavy began work on this album in 2009, Mick Jagger, Damian Marley, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart and A. R. Rahman experimented at a studio in Los Angeles, trying to “write songs which had meaning”. They had a couple of more sessions after that trying to perfect every song that was written. Jagger stated in an interview that “they had entered with just ideas, a few guitar riffs and a few snippets of lyrics… which isn’t his usual style of working, but music evolved quickly.” The band recorded twenty-nine songs in ten days.  In total, there was more than thirty-five hours of music recorded, the CD release only included twelve songs.

Tracks:   “SuperHeavy” / “Unbelievable” / “Miracle Worker” / “Energy” / “Satyameva Jayathe” / “One Day One Night” / “Never Gonna Change” /  “Beautiful People” /  “Rock Me Gently” / “I Can’t Take It No More” “I Don’t Mind” / “World Keeps Turning”